Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
California requires nonprofit hospitals to annually submit community benefit plans specifying the economic value of the community benefits to be provided.

Nonprofit hospitals must annually submit their community benefit plans which, “to the extent practicable,” report the economic value of the community benefits provided, mechanisms for evaluating the plan’s effectiveness, and measurable objectives to be achieved within specified timeframes. The plans must be submitted to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), which makes them available to the public. Cal. Health & Safety Code §127350(d).

In addition, every two years—or when a significant change to the policy is made—a nonprofit hospital must provide copies to OSHPD of its discount payment policy, charity care policy, procedures for determining eligibility under those policies, review process, and the application for charity care or discounted payment programs. Cal. Health & Safety Code §127435.