Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
The Illinois Community Benefits Act requires that each nonprofit hospital to which it applies develop a community benefit plan and file an annual report of the plan with the Office of the Attorney General. 210 ILCS 76/20 (2003).

The Act does not apply to 1) government hospitals, 2) hospitals located outside of a metropolitan statistical area, or 3) hospitals with 100 or fewer beds. 210 ILCS 76/5 (2003).

Illinois requires that a nonprofit hospital to which the Illinois Community Benefits Act applies develop a community benefit plan that identifies the populations and communities the hospital serves and outlines the hospital’s goals and objectives for providing community benefits, including charity care and government-sponsored indigent health care. 210 ILCS 76/15 (2003).

A nonprofit hospital to which the Act applies must develop and submit to the Attorney General an annual report of its community benefits plan disclosing the amount and types of “community benefits actually provided, including charity care.” The hospital must include with its report an audited annual financial report for the preceding fiscal year. 210 ILCS 76/20 (2003). The hospital must include a financial assistance report disclosing, among other things, the number of financial assistance applications received, approved, and denied as well as the total amount of financial assistance provided. Ill. Admin. Code tit. 77 §4500.60 (2013).