Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
Maryland requires that each nonprofit hospital submit an annual community benefit report to the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC).

Maryland requires that each nonprofit hospital’s annual community benefit report include the hospital’s mission statement and a list of each community benefit initiative undertaken by the hospital, a specification of its cost and objectives, and a description of the hospital’s efforts to evaluate the initiative’s effectiveness. Each hospital’s community benefit report must also include descriptions of gaps in the availability of specialist providers to serve the uninsured and of the hospital’s efforts to track and reduce health disparities in the community that the hospital serves. Md. Code Ann. Health-Gen., §19-303(c).

The HSCRC compiles all of the individual hospital community benefit reports into a consolidated Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefit Report for posting on its website. The report also includes a list of the unmet community needs identified in the most recent community needs assessment conducted by the state health department and by the local health department in each jurisdiction. Md. Code Ann. Health-Gen., §; 19-303(d).