Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
Minnesota law requires hospitals to annually report community benefits provided.

Minnesota hospitals must annually submit a publicly available financial report that details: 1) services provided at no cost or for a reduced fee to patients unable to pay; 2) teaching and research activities; and 3) other community or charitable activities Minn. Stat. §144.698.1(5), along with a copy of the hospital’s charity care policies. Minn. R. §4650.0112.3 (K); Minn. R. 4650.0115. The financial report may be filed with the commissioner of health or with a voluntary, nonprofit, reporting organization. Minn. Stat. §144.698.1; Minn. Stat. §144.702.1. The Minnesota Hospital Association is the designated voluntary, nonprofit reporting organization. Minnesota Hospital Association.

When reporting charity care, the hospital must report the total dollar amount and the number of service contacts between a patient and a provider, in three categories: 1) patients with family income at or below 275 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL); 2) patients with family income above 275 percent of the FPL; and 3) patients for which the facility, with reasonable effort, has been unable to determine family income. Minn. R. 4650.0115.3.

Minnesota’s Commissioner for Public Health is required to compile financial information reported by each hospital into a combined annual report reflecting the costs of each hospital’s community benefit activities. Minn. Stat. §144.699.5.