New Hampshire
Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
New Hampshire requires that nonprofit hospitals and other health care charitable trusts report community benefits provided during the previous year as part of community benefit plans filed with the Director of Charitable Trusts.

The plan must include: 1) information about community benefit activities the hospital undertook during the preceding fiscal year; 2) the results, outcomes, and unreimbursed costs of these activities; 3) a description of how the hospital solicited community input; 4) identification of the community groups, members of the public, and local government officials that were consulted in connection with the plan’s development; and 5) an evaluation of the plan’s effectiveness. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. Tit. I, §§7:32-e(2000). The state uses a “data-driven” Community Benefits Reporting Form that contains a three-page “List of potential Community Needs.” Included in the list are the following social and economic factors: poverty, unemployment, homelessness, economic development, educational attainment, high school completion, housing adequacy, vandalism/crime, air quality, and water quality (New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General, 2009).