Financial Assistance Policy
Pennsylvania requires hospitals, including nonprofit hospitals, to adopt and implement financial assistance policies.

As a condition of receiving reimbursement from the state’s Uncompensated Care Program, hospitals must verify that they have a financial assistance policy in place under which the hospital: 1) accepts all individuals regardless of ability to pay for emergent medically necessary services; 2) seeks to collect claims only from the person(s) responsible for payment; 3) seeks to obtain health care coverage for patients, including assisting patients to apply for available public medical coverage; 4: ensures that emergency admission or treatment is not delayed or denied for monetary reasons; and 5) posts adequate notice of the availability of medical services and the obligations of hospitals to provide free services. Pa. Stat. §5701.1104(b). The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania has also developed voluntary guidance on hospital financial assistance policies. Charity Care and Financial Aid Guidelines for Pennsylvania Hospitals (2004).