Financial Assistance Policy Dissemination
Illinois requires both nonprofit and for-profit hospitals to post and otherwise disseminate their financial assistance plans.

Each hospital must post a sign containing specified language conspicuously in the admission and registration areas. 210 ILCS 88/15 (2007). Each hospital that has a website must also post notice there and make a brochure, an application for financial assistance, or other written material available in the hospital admission or registration area. 210 ILCS 88/15(d) (2007). In addition, each patient bill or other summary of charges to an uninsured patient must include a prominent statement that an uninsured patient meeting specified income requirements may qualify for an uninsured patient discount, and information about how to apply for the discount. S.B. 3261, codified as 210 ILCS 89/10(d) (2012).