Financial Assistance Policy Dissemination
Maryland requires hospitals to post notice and disseminate to patients their financial assistance policies, along with specified related information and applications.

Maryland requires hospitals to conspicuously post throughout the hospital, including in the billing office, notices that inform patients of their right to apply for financial assistance and specify who to contact at the hospital for additional information. Hospitals must also “establish a mechanism” to provide a standardized financial assistance application to any patient who does not indicate that he or she has public or private insurance coverage. Md. Code Ann. Health-Gen. §19-214.1; COMAR A-2. In addition, each hospital must develop a Hospital Information Sheet that includes information about its financial assistance policies and patients’ legal rights, including contact information for assistance in understanding the hospital bill and the availability of free and reduced-cost care; how to apply for free or reduced-cost care; and how to apply for Medical Assistance. The Hospital Information Sheet must be given to the patient, family member, or authorized representative. COMAR §§A-A-2.