New York
Limitations on Charges, Billing, and Collections
New York limits hospital charges and collections as a condition of participating in the state’s General Hospital Indigent Care Pool.

New York requires nonprofit and for-profit hospitals participating in the Pool to reduce charges to uninsured patients with family income below 300 percent of the federal poverty level. N.Y. Pub. Health Law §2807-k(9-a) (a),(f). Hospitals must provide the option of monthly installment plans for payment of outstanding balances, and payments under such plans may not exceed 10 percent of a patient’s gross monthly income. N.Y. Pub. Health Law §2807-k(9-a) (d). In addition, hospitals’ policies may not permit the forced sale or foreclosure of a patient’s primary residence in order to collect an outstanding medical bill. N.Y. Pub. Health Law §2807-k(9-a)(h).