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The Hilltop Institute


March 14, 2024

Hilltop Continues to Provide Subject Matter Expertise
as Mississippi Considers Medicaid Expansion

The Hilltop Institute is continuing to provide subject matter expertise as Mississippi lawmakers consider whether or how to expand Medicaid. Following up on the extensive study it conducted in 2022 that assessed the costs and savings to Mississippi if it were to expand Medicaid and recent testimony before the Mississippi House Medicaid Committee, Hilltop is continuing to conduct ad hoc analyses on various topics that emerge in the legislative deliberations. Hilltop has produced two follow-up explainers so far—Louisiana Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Analysis and Mississippi Medicaid Expansion and Work Requirements—both of which examine aspects of Medicaid expansion currently under debate. Hilltop also provided subject matter expertise for a recent article in Mississippi Today that is following the deliberations.

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