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The Hilltop Institute


December 14, 2022

Hilltop Researchers Awarded Grant to Study
Insurer Pricing Data

Hilltop Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson, PhD, and Policy Analyst Morgane Mouslim, DVM, ScM, have been awarded a grant from Arnold Ventures to fund research using newly available payer price transparency files. These price transparency files have been public since July 1, 2022, and are the result of federal regulation mandating that all health insurers and payers publicly post machine-readable data files containing the negotiated rates for all providers with which they contract, as well as all services those providers provide.

Dr. Henderson’s and Dr. Mouslim’s research aims to provide an evidence base for future research using these complex data files. This grant complements their recent National Science Foundation funding to collect and use hospital price transparency files to conduct research into the relationship between health policy and provider pricing behavior.

Learn more about Hilltop’s work on hospital price transparency here.