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February 21, 2024

The Hilltop Institute Presents Research at Medicaid Expansion Hearing in Mississippi

Hilltop Principal Data Scientist Morgan Henderson, PhD, and Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock, MBA, presented Hilltop research on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, to the Mississippi House Medicaid Committee. The research — a 2021 economic analysis of Medicaid expansion in Mississippi — was commissioned by the Center for Mississippi Health Policy, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization. Henderson, the lead author on the study, presented evidence on the fiscal impacts of Medicaid expansion to Mississippi, the broader economic impacts to the state, and the impacts to Mississippi hospitals. The study estimates that Medicaid expansion would lead to approximately 215,000 additional enrollees; substantial fiscal savings to Mississippi in the first two years after expansion, with minimal cost to the state in later years; 11,000 new jobs in Mississippi; and significant improvement in the financial position of Mississippi’s hospitals.

Read coverage of the hearing here.

Read the literature review, summary report, and technical report here.

The slides from the hearing can be found here.

Media Contact: Marsha Willis