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Estimating the Costs to Mississippi Medicaid Attributable to Tobacco

Hilltop Senior Policy Analyst Charles Betley, MA, helped organize and participated on a panel titled Tobacco Costs: Present and Future Measurements and Effects at the 2019 Fall Research Conference of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) held in Denver, Colorado November 7-9, 2019. In his presentation, Betley talked about how policy studies are judged, based on both policymakers’ interests and researchers’ scientific directive. He then discussed the innovative methodology of the study: the use of state Medicaid claims data to estimate the costs of tobacco use to a state Medicaid program. Findings gleaned by this methodology are more timely and accurate than the use of national estimates alone.

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Annual Report to UMBC, FY 2019

This annual report, written for the UMBC community, provides an overview of key projects and staff accomplishments for FY 2019.

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What Are Hospital Community Benefits?

This fact sheet explains hospital community benefits—initiatives and activities undertaken by nonprofit hospitals to improve health in the communities they serve—in the context of the federal framework as well as the state and local framework.

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