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The Hilltop Institute periodically posts news items and issues electronic bulletins to disseminate information about Hilltop activities and publications. Below are the three most recent. Go to the News and Bulletin Archive, below, to view previous posts.

Hilltop Presents at American Health Law Association Meeting on Tax Issues

Hilltop Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock partnered with Attorney Michael N. Fine to present a session titled State Oversight of Hospital Community Benefits at the October 19, 2021, American Health Law Association meeting, 2021 AHLA Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations. In their presentation, Woodcock and Fine gave an overview of federal community benefit rules, described the post-Affordable Care Act landscape and recent federal activity, and discussed Oregon’s new law establishing community benefit spending floors and other policy levers used by states to promote population health through hospital community benefit activities. View the presentation. For more information, go here.


Bulletin: Hospital Price Transparency. Will It Lead to Lower Prices?

The New York Times partnered with Hilltop researchers Morgan Henderson and Morgane Mouslim for a front-page article and a companion article in its Sunday, August 22, 2021 edition on hospital pricing. In a new HillTopic post, Hilltop Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock discusses the issue of hospital price transparency and Drs. Henderson and Mouslim’s research.

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Bulletin: Hilltop Report Informs Maryland’s Deliberations to Increase State Funding for Home and Community-Based Services

Although Maryland has made substantial progress in “rebalancing” Medicaid expenditures for long-term services and supports from institutional care to home and community-based services (HCBS) and the number of individuals who are using HCBS has increased, program availability is limited and registries of individuals seeking these services remain long.

In a new HillTopic post, Executive Director Cynthia Woodcock discusses this issue and introduces a just-published Hilltop report on this topic that was presented to the Joint Chairmen of the Maryland General Assembly.

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