Photo of Alexis Smirnow

Alexis Smirnow

Manager, Data Quality and Integrity

Alexis Smirnow is manager of data quality and integrity. She works across Hilltop to promote compliance with established quality standards for data use and dissemination. She is responsible for conducting staff training, overseeing certain data management processes and procedures, and working collaboratively with analysts and the programming team with the goal of improving work products and promoting continuous quality improvement of Hilltop policies and procedures.

Alexis was a senior policy analyst at Hilltop for several years. In that role, she collaborated with a team of analysts and programmers to provide data analysis and policy research for Maryland’s Medicaid program and other health care delivery systems. Alexis has completed numerous studies to determine the implications of policy changes on cost and delivery of care in Maryland. Mostly recently, her work has focused on the health outcomes of Medicaid participants enrolled in interventions for pregnant women; utilization surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, including diagnostic testing and vaccination; and calculating national quality measures for all Medicaid participants. She has also used the Maryland all-payer claims database to estimate the cost of developing potential reinsurance options for participants enrolled in Maryland’s individual market health plans. Alexis also contributed to a project to develop an online out-of-pocket cost calculator for Maryland consumers shopping for insurance on Maryland Health Connection to evaluate their expected health expenditures and potential costs of the various insurance products. She has assisted with network adequacy assessments by completing the implementation and data analysis for a pilot survey designed to evaluate the accuracy of Maryland Medicaid managed care provider directories.

Prior to joining Hilltop, Alexis was with Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency (FLHSA), where she was a data manager for a CMS Health Care Innovation Award aimed at redesigning primary care implemented in more than 40 physician practices. She also served as project manager for a community-wide program embedding care managers into primary care practices. In addition, she was responsible for data management and analysis for a Care Transitions Intervention program implemented across multiple hospital systems and payers. Prior to that, Alexis was a health project coordinator and then senior health project coordinator at the University of Rochester’s Neuromuscular Disease Center. She also has experience as a health project coordinator for the Rochester Psychiatric Center, where she monitored clinical trials and completed neuropsychological tests and standardized interviews for patients and research participants. For the Monroe #1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Alexis provided Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) instruction for preschool and school-aged children with autism.

Alexis received her MPH from the University of Rochester and her BSc from the Rochester Institute of Technology.