Jennifer Park

Policy Specialist

Jennifer Park is a policy specialist for The Hilltop Institute’s Medicaid policy studies team. She assists policy analysts as needed, updates memos and specification forms, performs data entry, reviews deliverables, researches background information for projects, and provides training for students. Jennifer currently helps manage the weekly COVID deliverables for the Maryland Department of Health and performs quality checks on the data. She is also assisting with the annual Maryland Medicaid HealthChoice Evaluation.

Prior to joining Hilltop in her current role, Jennifer was an intern for the same team. She performed data entry, formatted tables and charts, collaborated on and reviewed deliverables for the Maryland Department of Health, and assisted in research for literature reviews and projects. Before that, Jennifer was a pharmacy intern and market access intern in Pennsylvania.

Jennifer graduated cum laude from UMBC with a BA in public health (and a track in population health). She also attended the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy.