Xiaorong Wu

Programmer Specialist

Xiaorong Wu is a programmer specialist at The Hilltop Institute, where she creates and analyzes large health care data sets for population health, health care utilization, and program assessment. She also performs monthly and quarterly updates of production data files and handles much of the team’s recurring processes.

Xiaorong came to Hilltop with 15 years of research experience in academics. Most recently she was a research assistant at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Institute of Human Virology (Basic Science/Vaccine Division). While there she worked on bone marrow transplant data and fit two popular models for competing-risks data with SAS PHREG procedure; checked the validity and accuracy of data and analyzed data using SAS for a meta-analysis; collaborated as a coordinator with four classmates to conduct a general univariate time series analysis using R on the U.S. unemployment rate from 1970 to 2004; and conducted a survival analysis for one type of lung cancer. Xiaorong was also a research assistant at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases, where she conducted an experiment by applying molecular biology techniques to study cytokine biology and T-cell immunology and vascular development. She also recorded and tabulated data, developed and maintained a research database, performed statistics analyses, and co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications.

Xiaorong earned her MS in biostatistics from UMBC and her MS in pharmacology from Guangdong Medical University (Zhanjian, China).