Community Benefit State Law Profiles Comparison

State Community Benefit Requirements and Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Hospitals
To see which states have a particular requirement, click on a symbol in the yellow row. You may also filter the requirements by selecting checkboxes in the Filter row and clicking on the Filter Requirements button. For detailed information about the requirement of a particular state, click on the symbol in the field at the intersection of the state's row and the requirement’s column. For example, to read about Alabama's financial assistance policy dissemination requirement, click on the square in the field at the intersection of the Alabama row and the Financial Assistance Policy Dissemination column to display the relevant text from the Alabama profile in a pop-up window.

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Minimum Community Benefit Requirement
Community Benefit Reporting Requirement
Community Health Needs Assessment
Community Benefits Plan/ Implementation Strategy
Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Policy Dissemination
Limitations on Charges, Billing, and Collections
Income Tax Exemption Property Tax Exemption Sales Tax Exemption
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